Endorsements versus LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recently introduced Endorsements where you can give kudos, credit or endorse your LinkedIn connections with just one click. Have you got a connection with great expertise? Endorse their skills and expertise to give them recognition. Your endorsement will appear on their profile. Some have likened or compared the Endorsements to Facebook Likes given the ease of use and their straightforward nature. But we already had the LinkedIn Recommendations. What does this mean? Let’s look at a few questions.

A few questions (How, What, Why?)

A few questions about the Endorsements are in order. How are Endorsements actually different from the LinkedIn Recommendations? Are they different? Are they better than LinkedIn Recommendations? Do Endorsements replace LinkedIn Recommendations?

How are endorsements different from LinkedIn Recommendations?

Endorsements are different from LinkedIn Recommendations in a number of respects.  Firstly endorsements can be done with one click; it’s as simple as that. You go to a listed skill on your connection’s profile and simply click on the skill that you wish to endorse. It’s as simple as that. LinkedIn Recommendations on the other hand need more time and detail. You have to indicate the particular role that you wish to recommend that person for, the outstanding qualities, when you worked with that person and what capacity you are recommending them.

How are Endorsements similar to LinkedIn Recommendations?

With both you are acknowledging expertise in a particular area or instance. You can only endorse or provide a LinkedIn Recommendation to a connection. If you wish to endorse or recommend someone you would have to be connected to them. It helps if the skill you wish to endorse is already listed. However, sometimes LinkedIn can assist by suggesting skills you might want to endorse person for.

Are Endorsements better than LinkedIn Recommendations?

Endorsements are not better than LinkedIn Recommendations. They serve a different purpose. The endorsement gives a quick overview of someone’s expertise. LinkedIn Recommendations goes into detail about that expertise.

Endorsements solve one problem on LinkedIn. Sometimes you could get a request to write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a connection who while you did not have sufficient knowledge of, you could acknowledge their skill in a particular area.

Will Endorsements replace LinkedIn Recommendations?

I don’t think Endorsements will replace LinkedIn Recommendations. As mentioned earlier on the two serve different needs and complement each other. They are both needed. However, Endorsements do seem to be more prominent than LinkedIn Recommendations following the changes on LinkedIn.

Acknowledging insight

Sometimes you acknowledge someone’s thought leadership in a particular area but you have not actually worked with them. What would be the best way to show recognition for that expertise? In this case the Endorsement is more appropriate. Perhaps that connection regularly gives valuable content.

Insight about expertise

LinkedIn Recommendations are better suited to instances where you have actually worked with something. You are able to go into detail about their skills, knowledge, expertise and character. You can both give a LinkedIn Recommendation and an Endorsement to your connection.

How are you finding the Endorsements on LinkedIn?

Let’s connect on LinkedIn.


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