Connecting your profile to your Company’s Page

LinkedIn offers the opportunity for individuals to connect their Profiles to their employer’s Company Page.

There are plenty of reasons why this is beneficial.

  • You boost your Company brand by having it visible on many different profiles – good for both company market as well as employer marketing.
  • A viewer could easily find your Company page, and then be able to connect with other staff allowing them to find the best person to connect with.
  •   It reminds viewers that the person is part of a bigger company and not the only representative
  • We know that visuals are important, so when we connect to the Company Page, the logo is visible on the individual’s profile, and when a viewer hovers over that, they can see a short Company summary.

To connect your profile to the official Company Page, Go to the employer item in question under Experience. Click the edit button that will come up on the side. (The little pencil icon)

Edit LinkedIn Company to your Profile

Type in the name of your company as it is saved on the Company Page. A list of companies with similar names will come up and you will select the correct one and click on it to link your profile to it.

Select the Company name

Once you have saved it, if you need to change the way it is displayed, then click on Change Display name and change it to the name you require and Save.

Some times a person wants to display the name of their company slightly differently from how it is registered on its LinkedIn Company Page. This could happen when the Company Page has the name listed as an acronym, for example, or perhaps has all the legal descriptors listed such as Pty, Ltd, etc.

Change the Company Display Name on LinkedIn

In this example we changed the Company Name from PSASA to the Display Name of “Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa”.

Please note that when people look at your Company Page they will see both current and former employers who have listed working with the Company on LinkedIn.

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