LinkedIn Company Updates great for Branding

The LinkedIn Company status update offers companies a great opportunity to better engage and connect with their followers.  This way they can grow their brands. The LinkedIn company pages were previously quite static, apart from the blog posts and twitter feeds coming through. Now they have very much come to life. Followers on the company pages will now see status updates from the companies in their news feeds.

Goodbye Twitter feeds on the company pages – With the introduction of the status update feature, LinkedIn does away with showing Twitter feeds on the company pages. If the twitter feeds had remained, there might have been duplication in information and updates on the company page.

Branding Issues Resolved – The new company status update feature on LinkedIn helps to resolve some branding issues. Previously only individuals could post status updates and the tendency in some cases was to post updates on broad and unrelated issues. Sometimes this could have the effect of diluting your brand.  There is also a need to distinguish between updates focused more on the individual and those on the corporate. Sometimes an update can be more relevant for one than the other. The company status update feature would be a great option in these scenarios.  There are more options now before you post status update on LinkedIn.

Example –   For instance I am a LinkedIn Coach but also love to post motivational quotes.  However, I no longer use my LinkedIn personal profile for the motivational posts for these and instead prefer to use one of my company updates (relevant to motivational quotes) for that. I decided that my personal profile would be used only for social media and LinkedIn related issues.

Here is a short video on the company status updates:

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