A Change to Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has recently changed how they allow a user to communicate with a set of people in a bulk message.

In the past, we used to be able to check off a box that said, “Include all recipients names and email address in this message”.

Our advice was to turn that off, especially when you were emailing people who did not necessarily know each other.

The example would be something like, tagging people who you have met at networking events. Now you want to send them a message about something you had mentioned to all of them. But you would turn off that indicator because although you know them all, they don’t necessarily know each other, and no one wants to have their email address given to 49 other people.

With LinkedIn’s recent change we can no longer turn that feature off. And when someone replies to a message sent to multiple people, everyone in the group sees the message.

The way I have advised using this in the past, now clearly does not work.

What we end up with is a bunch of confused people who think their accounts have been hacked because they are getting messages from people that they are not connected to.

It works somewhat like a Whatsapp group chat, which is great for Whatsapp but restricts the use that I have advocated in the past.

I can’t imagine a remedy for this. But this is a warning not to try this at home. Not unless you want to confuse people already unsure of how LinkedIn works.

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