Using LinkedIn

3rd Jul 2015
Groups in LinkedIn

Joining Groups on LinkedIn

Understand what you are trying to achieve in Groups.  Industry Groups These have members that you might presumably meet at an industry conference. They may include […]
1st Jul 2015
B2B on LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn Company Pages instead of Profiles?

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have the same approach to personal profiles and business / company pages. A human being creates an account on the platform, and […]
18th Jun 2015
LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations and Endorsements on LinkedIn

Will Rogers was once asked by a piano manufacturer to compose a short testimonial praising its products.  Rogers, unwilling to endorse any product which he could […]
2nd Jun 2015

Connecting your profile to your Company’s Page

LinkedIn offers the opportunity for individuals to connect their Profiles to their employer’s Company Page. There are plenty of reasons why this is beneficial. You boost […]
27th May 2015

How to Tag Your LinkedIn Connections

Update: LinkedIn has since changed the way users send bulk messages. You can read more about it here. Get more out of LinkedIn You can take […]
8th May 2015

Searching for the right contacts

There are a few ways of connecting with the right contacts on LinkedIn. The first obvious route is that you have a specific person in mind, […]
27th Apr 2015

5 Ways to Connect to People on LinkedIn

Click on Add Connections at the Top Right Hand Side of the menu bar to find the first two options. Synchronize with your mail program Sign […]
23rd Mar 2015

How LinkedIn can help you source talent

LinkedIn is the best tool to either find a new professional level job, or to source candidates for a position your company needs to fill. More […]
14th Mar 2015

Whether to accept those LinkedIn invitations or not

This is almost always the first thing people ask when we discuss their LinkedIn profiles. “What do I do with all those people who want to […]
3rd Oct 2013

Social Media Networks: Are African SMEs utilising them for Business Growth?

Since the dawn of the 21st century, African economies have been characterised by the mushrooming of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This has been chiefly due […]
1st Oct 2013

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – Deal Breaker or Maker?

Your LinkedIn Profile Picture – deal breaker or maker? The world of technology has changed the dynamics on how people connect. Gone are the days when […]
25th Sep 2013

Business Development: 5 Tips on how to leverage LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: More than just a Social Network, a Business Development Tool While LinkedIn has proved helpful with talent acquisition, branding, mapping and recruitment, it has proved […]