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1st Oct 2015
The Strength of Social Media Weak Ties

The Strength of Social Media Weak Ties

I find this fascinating. So there is a little research into the background of this concept. First let’s look at Dunbar’s number. It is the suggested […]
3rd Oct 2013

Social Media Networks: Are African SMEs utilising them for Business Growth?

Since the dawn of the 21st century, African economies have been characterised by the mushrooming of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This has been chiefly due […]
25th Sep 2013

Business Development: 5 Tips on how to leverage LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: More than just a Social Network, a Business Development Tool While LinkedIn has proved helpful with talent acquisition, branding, mapping and recruitment, it has proved […]
2nd Aug 2012

Interview with LinkedIn user Kobus Venter, Web Designer and owner of Pixelweb

1. How long have you been on LinkedIn and how has been the experience? I have been a member since January 25, 2007, but only recently […]
12th Jul 2012

Facebook Jobs, Should LinkedIn be worried?

I recently read that the introduction of Facebook’s jobs could kill LinkedIn momentum. The introduction of Facebook Jobs in the coming month(s) will probably come as […]
30th Jun 2012

How it affects me, Sharing between LinkedIn and Twitter

In a recent article I wrote about how you will no longer be able to post LinkedIn status updates from Twitter. In this article I share […]
22nd May 2012

Facebook and LinkedIn – Differences and Similarities

Very different animals – Facebook and LinkedIn are indeed very different companies, with different vision, focus, strategies and value propositions. One is not comparing like with […]