LinkedIn Tip

21st Aug 2019

LinkedIn – It is still all about the relationships

Even with all the changes that have been coming to LinkedIn, it is still all about the relationships.
6th Jul 2016

How to see who is looking at your Profile on LinkedIn

On your homepage of LinkedIn, in the small space near the top of screen, you will see your profile photo and then two figures: Who has […]
23rd Jun 2016
minion audience

Keep your LinkedIn audience in mind

Regardless of where you are communicating, this is good advice. Keep your audience in mind. With LinkedIn, is it applicable in a particular way. Your LinkedIn […]
11th Jun 2016

What the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ has to do with your LinkedIn profile

If I asked you what the ‘bottom line’ was for your business, you could answer me, right? You would tell me that the business exists to […]
22nd Oct 2015
Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

A Change to Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has recently changed how they allow a user to communicate with a set of people in a bulk message. In the past, we used to […]
20th Oct 2015
How To Use Certifications on LinkedIn

How to use Certifications on your Profile

The purpose of our LinkedIn profiles is to demonstrate our expertise, experience, qualifications and value that we can offer to potential employers or clients. One of […]
8th Jan 2015
Exit Interview LinkedIn

HR Department – Add this to your Exit Interviews

Policy You should already have some form of social media policy in place that you can refer your staff to when there are disputes about what […]
14th Apr 2014

The final day for Products and Services Tab on LinkedIn Company Pages

Final day for LinkedIn Products and Services Tab
9th Apr 2014

Turn Off Annoying and Inaccurate Endorsements on LinkedIn

You can now turn off annoying LinkedIn Endorsements
25th Sep 2013

Business Development: 5 Tips on how to leverage LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: More than just a Social Network, a Business Development Tool While LinkedIn has proved helpful with talent acquisition, branding, mapping and recruitment, it has proved […]
5th Mar 2013

One LinkedIn group rule to consider: Delete automated LinkedIn Group posts from tools like Hootsuite

To maintain the quality of your LinkedIn Group discussions, you should consider deleting group posts from tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.