LinkedIn Statistics

3rd Oct 2013

Social Media Networks: Are African SMEs utilising them for Business Growth?

Since the dawn of the 21st century, African economies have been characterised by the mushrooming of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This has been chiefly due […]
1st May 2012

How does LinkedIn Work? – INFOGRAPHIC

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet with over 150 million members and based in over 200 countries. But just how does it work? […]
18th Apr 2012

South Africa 14th in the world on LinkedIn members

South Africa is 14th in the world in terms of LinkedIn membership. It now has 1,7 million members.
10th Feb 2012

LinkedIn has now hit 150 Million users

LinkedIn hits 150 million members and grows revenue in last quarter of 2011.
23rd Jun 2011

India reaches 10 million LinkedIn users

India recently reached 10 million LinkedIn users. With just 3 million users in November 2009, there has been a surge in the usage and membership of […]