General update

8th Jun 2016

Why LinkedIn?

In my general social media training over the last few years, I always answered the question of “Which is your favorite social media?” with this answer. […]
28th Mar 2014

LinkedIn will no longer support Company Pages Products & Services Page after 14 April

LinkedIn to discontinue support for Products and Services tab on the company page
3rd Oct 2013

Social Media Networks: Are African SMEs utilising them for Business Growth?

Since the dawn of the 21st century, African economies have been characterised by the mushrooming of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). This has been chiefly due […]
5th Mar 2013

One LinkedIn group rule to consider: Delete automated LinkedIn Group posts from tools like Hootsuite

To maintain the quality of your LinkedIn Group discussions, you should consider deleting group posts from tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.
11th Feb 2013

Brilliant LinkedIn marketing, Questions that come

LinkedIn is becoming better and better at introducing features that enhance it’s popularity while taping into our vanity and competitive nature. Since introducing the notifications we are […]
4th Oct 2012

Have you uploaded your NEW LinkedIn Company page header image?

Now that LinkedIn has upgraded the company pages, how does this affect your company’s LinkedIn Strategy? Your corporate and employer brand will be just some of […]
8th Aug 2012

Huge interest in LinkedIn at Business Schools Expo

Tuesday, 7 August was one of my best days as a LinkedIn Coach and Strategist. I talked about LinkedIn for the whole day sharing insights with […]
3rd Aug 2012

What LinkedIn is doing right

LinkedIn posted some impressive financial results for the second quarter which just exceeeded analyst expectations. Following the recent disappointment by Facebook and Zynga, LinkedIn was being […]
29th Jun 2012

Sharing content between LinkedIn and Twitter

Going forward you will no longer be able to update your LinkedIn status from within Twitter.  Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn starting later […]
22nd Jun 2012

Pealk, no LinkedIn API, the road ahead

Now that Pealk will no longer have LinkedIn API access after 26 June does this mean the end of Pealk? Definitely not!  Earlier articles on Pealk […]
21st Jun 2012

LinkedIn will cut off their API access to Pealk on June 26 – PRESS RELEASE

I’ve just learnt via the Pealk website that LinkedIn will cut off their API access to Pealk on June 26. Without API access Pealk will not […]
21st Jun 2012

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Statistics For Company Pages

LinkedIn has rolled out new statistics for all company pages. In doing so LinkedIn has revamped the information it provides users of company pages. In a […]