Build your employer brand

Investing time in building your employer brand is an exercise well worth doing. It will help you to attract the right talent to your organization and ultimately save you money advertising for jobs, because candidates will be coming to you.

LinkedIn’s Company Page offers a great opportunity for you to build your employer brand. And its free and easy.

Make use of all the features available on the Company Page. Some of these fields are obvious: you will identify your industry, the size of your company, provide links to your website and explain what you do, the service or solution that you provide and your specialities.

The average number of Company Pages that a person follows on LinkedIn, is around 8, and very often those pages are companies that a person may be interested in working for. Of course the pages are often followed by clients, prospects checking out the company or even competitors. But if there is a chance that your next best employee is watching your page, then a few good posts about the company culture and available positions will be appropriate.

Once your Company Page is set up, then complete the Careers tab. This allows you to post a variety of types of content, to appeal to as many different candidates as you require. Remember that you will need people with strong analytical skills, so you would post statistics and facts. Then for the creative, co-operative types, post content that talks about people, relationships, opportunities.slide share LinkedIn

On the Careers tab you can post text, images, links to your website, Twitter links, video and SlideShare presentations.

You will be using this page in particular to explain what your company is like to work for. Ask existing staff to share their experiences and capture that either on video or post a photo of them with their quote as text.

We know well that talented staff often mix with others like themselves. Take advantage of that knowledge by asking your staff to share the content on the Company Page and Careers tab onto their own newsfeed. It will then be available for their connections to see and could possibly attract one of their connections to check our your page and see the available job postings.

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