Brilliant LinkedIn marketing, Questions that come

Congratulations from LinkedInLinkedIn is becoming better and better at introducing features that enhance it’s popularity while taping into our vanity and competitive nature. Since introducing the notifications we are spending more time on the site. Endorsements proved to be hugely popular on the site. Let me be honest, When I first saw other profiles with an impressive number of endorsements I wondered to myself, how on earth did someone get so many endorsements while I had none.

Obviously delighted LinkedIn Connections

A few days ago I started receiving emails from friends who were obviously delighted to have made  the top 1%, 5% and 10% of visited profiles. One of the first questions that came to my mind was, “Have I, a LinkedIn coach, failed to make the cut. how embarrassing is that? :-(” That was my competitive nature getting the better of me. Instead of naturally congratulating others, I was wondering, “What about me?” I have received so many mails from LinkedIn connections including friends, past and current clients who could not hide their delight about having the most viewed profiles.  Sure enough when I dug into my mail, I found my own mail and the world was now a better place.

Just have to read more

The congratulatory note from LinkedIn had a tempting READ MORE with a letter and a statistic that could be shared across the social networks. From a marketing perspective I think this was a brilliant idea from LinkedIn. LinkedIn managed to get its own members to spread the word about the network in a WIN-WIN. More people got to know about LinkedIn and the members had the satisfaction of sharing their achievement with the wider world.

Questions to ponder

On a more serious note the following questions come to mind for those who have made the top  1 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent or whatever the case may be:

  • How are you benefiting from the large number of viewers to your profile?
  • Have you seen more business leads coming out of LinkedIn?
  • Are you seeing clear benefits in your business or career as a result of the viewers?
  • Maybe the question I should have started with is, Do you have strategy in place when someone comes to your profile. We have to admit that when someone comes to your profile, they were looking for something, someone. Do you fulfil that need? Do you do anything about the visit?
  • If someone passes by your house, stops to check it out, don’t you get curious? You could say it’s none of your business but your property is obviously of some interest to them.
  • People who are visiting to your profile have an interest. Why not take steps to find out what’s going on? Why are you so wildly popular?  How do you usher these visitors into leads?

LinkedIn stat to be shared Personalised letter

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