23rd Jun 2016
minion audience

Keep your LinkedIn audience in mind

Regardless of where you are communicating, this is good advice. Keep your audience in mind. With LinkedIn, is it applicable in a particular way. Your LinkedIn […]
11th Jun 2016

What the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ has to do with your LinkedIn profile

If I asked you what the ‘bottom line’ was for your business, you could answer me, right? You would tell me that the business exists to […]
8th Jun 2016

Why LinkedIn?

In my general social media training over the last few years, I always answered the question of “Which is your favorite social media?” with this answer. […]
18th Apr 2016

Moving To A New LinkedIn Account?

You’ve got two LinkedIn in accounts so how do you get rid of the old one without losing all your connections? The only way you’re going […]
27th Jan 2016

Talent Finder Solution

Do you know how to find candidates on LinkedIn? How do you as a recruiter, find the best person for your client, when only a small […]
22nd Oct 2015
Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

A Change to Communicating in bulk with your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has recently changed how they allow a user to communicate with a set of people in a bulk message. In the past, we used to […]
20th Oct 2015
How To Use Certifications on LinkedIn

How to use Certifications on your Profile

The purpose of our LinkedIn profiles is to demonstrate our expertise, experience, qualifications and value that we can offer to potential employers or clients. One of […]
1st Oct 2015
The Strength of Social Media Weak Ties

The Strength of Social Media Weak Ties

I find this fascinating. So there is a little research into the background of this concept. First let’s look at Dunbar’s number. It is the suggested […]
29th Sep 2015
Desperation Star Wars

Don’t sound desperate on LinkedIn

I went on holiday some years ago, with a few friends. In our crowd there were a few couples, some of us had gotten married already, […]
16th Sep 2015
LinkedIn Groups Small Logo

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are useful in so many ways. You can use them for: Reputation building Your own learning Creating awareness of issues or educating your audience […]
10th Sep 2015

Introducing your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

LinkedIn, like all the social media platforms, provides you with some statistics or analytics. Here are just some of the numbers we pay attention to: Your […]
6th Jul 2015
B2B on LinkedIn

Accessing LinkedIn’s Company Page

I often get asked by people, how they can access their Company Pages on LinkedIn. They seem to want a separate log in and password, separate […]