20th Feb 2019

Interview with LinkedIn Coach Noleen Thompson

Tell us a bit about yourself  I have been involved in Training, Sales and Marketing for over 21 years and seen all the changes in this […]
21st Aug 2019

LinkedIn – It is still all about the relationships

Even with all the changes that have been coming to LinkedIn, it is still all about the relationships.
19th Aug 2019

LinkedIn – this and that

I have been on LinkedIn for a while now and in that time the platform has undergone a lot of changes. Having been a very early […]
20th Mar 2017

Endorsements – New changes

Meh! So LinkedIn have changed how they display skills and endorsements, showing only the top 3 and apparently making endorsements better. I have, after years of […]
16th Jan 2017

Ask for Recommendations

Ask someone to be a Praise Singer for you Recommendations are gold on LinkedIn. This is one of the best things you can do for your […]
13th Jan 2017

Update your Summary

– Besides being a people person, who are you really? This field is the most under utilised on LinkedIn and that is such a waste. People […]
11th Jan 2017

Update your LinkedIn Headline and Title

No more Mrs Standard Bank or Mr MTN   There are two places where you get to talk about who you are and what you do: […]
9th Jan 2017

Update your LinkedIn photos

 Find a photo that looks like you are great to do business with. Ah, maybe this is the harder one. Your Personal LinkedIn Profile Photo Post […]
6th Jan 2017

Just Post Something to LinkedIn

This is the hardest one, and we are going to start with it. Why? Because if 2017 is going to be a year where things change […]
4th Jan 2017

LinkedIn New Year’s Resolutions

Over the next few days we will look at some activities you can take on LinkedIn to get your year started well. Many of my coaching […]
10th Oct 2016

You need multiple sources for your sales or talent funnel

In recent conversations with people in business, I have come across a worrying approach that many of us have. I know I have relied on this […]
6th Jul 2016

How to see who is looking at your Profile on LinkedIn

On your homepage of LinkedIn, in the small space near the top of screen, you will see your profile photo and then two figures: Who has […]