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I often get asked by people, how they can access their Company Pages on LinkedIn. They seem to want a separate log in and password, separate from their own account, in order to  update the company pages.

This often happens in Facebook too, particularly when people are concerned about mingling their personal profiles and business accounts. Who wants those bikini clad holiday snaps accessible by your company’s major client.

This is how I answer the concern, specifically with respect to LinkedIn:

There isn’t a separate password or log in for LinkedIn. You can only access it via a member’s account.

That means that one or more of you in your department will be  administrators. Try and have at least 2 admins at any time – so that if someone resigns or is ill, that the others can access it.

Think of this in terms of you having keys for your office, and you allow certain staff to have keys Company account is accessed by office keystoo. They need the key to get into the office to use the computers. On LinkedIn and on Facebook, the key to get into the office is your own profile. That way we can verify who is the human working within the company page. You wouldn’t give keys to an anonymous person you cannot identify as a human. And only the appropriate staff have keys to the head office where decisions are made. So while any staff can follow your company accounts, only some will have the access (the keys) to post from the company brand, as if they were the company. And once they have posted as the company, whether on Facebook or on LinkedIn, they can then switch over and comment, share or like under their own name.

It happens often that someone in a company discovers that they don’t have access to the LinkedIn company page and that it may have been a former staff member who created it or who is administrator. In that case, you need to contact the former staff member and ask them to add someone new as the admin. That new administrator can then remove the old staff member.

It is obviously better that during an exit period with staff, that someone revokes all access that person has to any online accounts, just as you would ask her for her office keys back.

If for some reason you cannot get the old staff member to assist you, then you can contact LinkedIn via the help function at the bottom of your own profile screen. You will have to go through a host of FAQs and then eventually post your problem and ask them to help. You will need to demonstrate that you have the authority and rights to this Company Page and that the previous staff member is no longer entitled to be administrator.

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