5 Ways to Connect to People on LinkedIn

Click on Add Connections at the Top Right Hand Side of the menu bar to find the first two options.

Synchronize with your mail program

Sign into your general email account with Gmail, Mweb etc.  This will not work for your company email address, only those mail servers that LinkedIn has a prior relationship with.  Your entire email account contact list will come up and you can select who you would like to send invites to.  Please be careful not to send to everyone as you surely have some contacts that you would not want to connect to on a professional platform. In fact, I don’t recommend this shotgun approach and would prefer to select my potential contacts one at a time.

Add email addresses

Click on Any Email at the end, and then either upload a list of email addresses in a spreadsheet or paste in a list of email addresses.  These two options do not allow you to personal a message. However if you have already told a group of people that you will be inviting them, then this is an efficient method.

Search for specific person


Using the Search bar at the top middle of the screen, search for a specific name of a person you want to connect with, or use the Advanced Search to type in a Surname or other key words.

When you find someone, indicate how you know them:
•    Colleague – you work together
•    Classmate – school or varsity
•    Done business together – you will have to select your company to help jog their memory
•    Friend – they will recognize you on the street
•    Other – you will have to use an email address
•    I don’t know … – you will be kicked out of this page.

Connect via Groups

Join a Group where your prospects are, and connect with them via the Group.  Look under the Members tab in a Group, hover over that person, and click on Invite to Connect on the right hand side.

Ask for an Introduction

If you have the opportunity to ask for an Introduction to a person with whom you would like to connect, then I highly recommend it. Introductions mean that you are not approaching the person cold but have a warm introduction, with the person you have in common initiating the relationship for you. When you find someone where you can ask for an Introduction, you will see half way down the page, on the right hand side, who you have in common. There will be a button beneath that inviting you to ask for an Introduction and then choose which of the people you have in common, will do the honours for you.

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