10 Quick Lessons from the Youth Day Tweetup in Soweto

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10 Quick Lessons from the Youth Day Tweetup in Soweto

On Saturday 16 June I attended the first Youth Day Tweetup in Soweto.  I spoke about Twitter and LinkedIn at the event.  While reflecting on the whole experience around the event I realised just how powerful social media is when it comes to promoting events as well as generating and stimulating conversations around offline activities

Here are some lessons I look away from the experience

1.  Get your event on LinkedIn, Meetup and other social media

First things first, you will need to get your event on social media. This might sound obvious but you might be surprised how many events are organised without any presence on social media. If it is by design it is fine but sometimes these same events are actually the ones that require maximum coverage and visibility to attract as many people as possible.

 2.  Manage the Meeting responses and follow up

 It is one thing for people to confirm that they are actually come to an event and another for them to actually pitch up on the day. Do your confirmations before the event. Call or email if you have to and get more assurance around the actual numbers that you can expect.

 3.    Get everyone Tweeting at your event

Get people at the actual event tweeting? Why? Not only does it raise awareness about your current event but you could actually be marketing future events as well especially if you have similar type of events on a regular basis. Of course this assumes the next point.

 4.    That means everyone ideally should have a Twitter account

Everyone should have a Twitter account and hopefully be able to use this from the end. Of course this might not be possible as some people might not have the necessary gadgets but it is fine. For those who can do your part. If you find that there are people who are completely averse to using Twitter, well that is life sometimes.

 5.    You should have a Have a sticky Harshtag for your event

Make sure you decide on a Harshtag for your event that is quite easy to remember and people can easily use. Promote this Harshtag in your marketing of the event so that people will remember to use it whenever they talk about your event. Our Harshtag was #YouthDayTweetup.

 6.    Get people talking about your event way in advance

Get the word out about your event. Don’t wait till the last minute to start talking about your event. If you don’t talk about your event, guess what, no one will know about it and no surprise really that come the day, no one turns up.

 7.    Encourage participants to tweet and chat online about your event, always including the Harshtag when possible

Get people in the habit of including your hashtag whenever they talk about your event. One advantage of this is that everything mentioned about your event will come under reference or category which can easily be looked up later on. It is a great way of keeping record as well of what people said about your event.

 8.    Get a press release out before your event

Once you have all the details of your event in place, you should draw a comprehensive document that can be circulated to the media. By media in this case I am referring to newspapers and magazines. They are always looking for content and who knows you just might get that extra exposure from press releases about your upcoming event.

 9.    Secure as many channels as possible to talk about your event

Get as many channels as possible to talk about your event. However do take care that you do not become a nuisance. You don’t want to mention your event every time you are talking to someone.

 10.  Get a press release after the event

You took the time to tell people about the event before it happened. How about now getting back to them and telling them how it went. Take the same care and attention as before. No doubt some people will be curious to hear how the event went. Did it go according to plan? Did you manage to achieve your goals and objectives?

 SPEAKERS LINE-UP at the Youth Day Tweetup:

 * Bruce Mubayiwa: a top LinkedIn Coach is proud to be African. He loves LinkedIn & Social Media, Technology & Innovation. He uses Twitter to motivating & uplifting others with solid advice on careers and business networking.

 * Haroun Kola: Eco geek, blogger and social entrepreneur has a diverse experience using Twitter ranging from topics on the spiritual life to subtleties of software. He will talk on how he makes money from blogging.

 * Melanie Minnaar: is managing director of Halo, a marketing agency. She’s a mom to archangels, wife to an IT geek and proudly part of the Chinese diaspora. Her passion on Twitter is annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBDZA which had collected over 1,000 blankets for homeless children.

 To contact the speakers from the #YouthDayTweetup contact them directly:

Ramon Thomas: 081 4399 555 ramon@netucation.co.za

 Bruce Mubayiwa: 072 385 8520 Bruce@LinkedInCoach.co.za

 Haroun Kola: 084 511 7613 haroun@harounkola.com

Melanie Minnaar: melanie@twitterblanketdrive.co.za



  1. Ramon Thomas says:

    One of my biggest challenges using social media exclusively is the low take-up in the real world after many Retweets. So I advocate a bulk email + bulk sms follow where possible.

  2. mkhuluwilliamseyama says:

    Gr8 to capture thoughts while they are fresh on your mind. Very useful tips.

  3. Haroun Kola says:

    Trying out another comment, this time with my Twitter profile for Discus. Thanks for these tips Bruce. I’m sure that there’ll be lots more events promoted by social media, and I look forward to being involved in them

  4. Cheap Laptop bag backpack says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I am just getting into them and this will help me enormously!

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